About Us

COUNTY COURT REPORTERS, INC., was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1974 and operating without interruption since 1974. The firm is a full-service, technology-driven court reporting firm with exceedingly high standards, which sets this firm apart from other firms that operate as independent contractors. Court reporting, litigation support, accuracy, timely delivery, and professional service to clients are our top priorities. High standards are maintained through ongoing quality assurance programs and continuous formal training for court reporters, videographers, and administrative staff. Quality service and vast experience with complex, high-profile litigation have satisfied County Court Reporters’ clients for over three decades. County Court Reporters has provided service to attorneys, major law firms, state and federal governments and courts, and major corporations throughout the world.

COUNTY COURT REPORTERS, INC., is an employee-based firm of professional reporters, full-time court, conference, and digital reporters, legal videographers, and administrative support staff. Rather than using independent contractors as does much of the court reporting profession, the employee reporters are available for reporting assignments immediately, upon the client’s request, with total record retention, case management, and quality control of a secure repository by County Court Reporters, Inc.

County Court Reporters, Inc. covers national and international assignments in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Washington metropolitan area, and the states of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Arrangements for a court reporter anywhere throughout the world can be made simply by scheduling online or calling toll free number. County Court Reporters clients and guaranteed definite and immediate delivery of 100% verifiable, verbatim transcripts at the time of return.

COUNTY COURT REPORTERS, INC. provides verbatim reporting, specializing in medical/environmental depositions, large case litigations, trials, and environmental and technical conferences. All stenographic notes, audio and video files, case files, transcripts, and data files are retained in a secured repository and controlled by the corporation, affording our clients total security and accessibility to the official records at all times.

COUNTY COURT REPORTERS, INC. provides synchronized audio-to-text of all court matters and video-to-text on all depositions on CD with EVERY transcript.